Free internet philatelic resources

There are some superb and incredibly useful reference books, and catalogues out there. And tools to measure perforations or paper thickness or LED magnifiers etc Please add your new discoveries - and recommendations to this forum. As in all forums, you can post photos of your favourites and recommendations.

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Re: Free internet philatelic resources

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A few hard copy philatelic books have passed over my desk.

Email if they of interest to any Australia based Stampboarders, no charge

- Medical Philately of Australia John Pearn 1978

- Guidelines for Exhibiting Topical Collections 1982

- The Joy of Stamps by Hunter Davis 1983

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Re: Free internet philatelic resources

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John Bulat
Illustrated Postage Stamp History of Western Ukrainian Republic 1918-1919 (downloadable pdf)

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Re: Free internet philatelic resources

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The seventeenth issue (Spring 2021) of “The Middle East Philatelic Bulletin” with 283 pages has been published and can be downloaded, as usual for free at the link below:

Contents include:
The Αustrian Post in Thessaloniki (Alexandros Savopoulos )
The Turkish Post in Bulgaria: New Discoveries (Dr. Georgi Popov)
“Via Quetta” – The Earliest Incoming Mail to Persia (Björn Sohrne)
Emergency Measures of the Ottoman Post during the First World War (Jens Warnecke)
On the Use of Turkey’s 1916 Leander’s Tower Postal Card (Otto Graf)
Two Mysterious Baghdad–Haifa Overland Mail Route Instruction Hand-Stamps (Rainer Fuchs)
Three New Jordanian Censor Markings (Bernd-Dieter Buscke)
Mail from Perim Island (Yemen) (Folkert Bruining and Ot Louw)
The Yellow Fleet (Great Bitter Lake Association) (Peter Valdner)
The Palestine Post Tariff 2020 (Thomas Schubert)
Constantinople & Danube Line Of Steamers / T.B. Morton & Co. (Kamil Fatih Arli)

Request for Information:
Palestine " إيرادات" (ʾiradat) Overprint (Arthur Harris)
Research Request: “Le Loi sur le Timbre” – Ottoman Fiscal Stamp Law 1893 (Tobias Zywietz)
Request for Information: International Currency Relations for Postage Due Calculations (Martin Davies)
Request for Information: The Yemenophile / Research Request: Royalist Yemen Stationery (Andreas Svrakov)
Research Request: Israeli Postal War against Palestine 1995 (Jan Heijs)
Request for Information: Mysterious Cover from Saudi Arabia to Cairo 1973 with Israeli Military Connection (Harris Wolman, Martin Lovegrove)
Request for Information: Palestine Mandate Booklet Stamps (Rolf Wernecke)
Request for Information: Egyptian Charity Label Giza Ambulance (ANPA) (Axel Brockmann)
More Lebanon Gum-Side Surcharges (Phil Le Page)
The End of the Overland Mail Baghdad–Haifa (III): Transdesert Transport Companies – Ani & Aboody Transport Company (Rainer Fuchs)
Request for Information: Jordan Postage Rates 1920–1967 (Bob Stuchell, Bernd-Dieter Buscke, Avo Kaplanian)
Archive: Postal History and Related Notices from the Official Gazettes for Palestine – Part 11: 1932 (Tobias Zywietz)
Recent Philatelic Journals (Tobias Zywietz)
Jerusalem Railway Station with Locomotive "Ramleh"
Collecting Interests: Tibet, Nepal-Classic Issues, Iran-First Issue (Lion stamps), Iraq-Railway stamps 1928-1942, Overland Mail Baghdad - Haifa, SCADTA, the provisional Registration stamps issue 1921, Colombia, the private carrier stamps.

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