Members do *NOT* post material up here others urge you to do

A venue to discuss unusual and interesting items being offered. Report and discuss fakes, forgeries, scammers and con-men. Also fee discussion, and low listing fee promos etc. Discuss feedback. Great items for sale. New policies ..... whatever YOU want!

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Members do *NOT* post material up here others urge you to do

Post by ozstamps »

It seems a few sleazy ebay shonks feel a cunning way to explain away their actions, is to email members here they know via ebay etc, and ask them to post up their current rambling manifestos (according to them!) as to why they are conning folks they way they are .. but "not really" conning them - "it is all just a misunderstanding you see".

Or they circulate arrant nonsense about this board disguised as some kind of 'newsletter' or info sharing service.

If you receive this type of communication or request that involves this board or members on it, please report it to Admin immediately -

Do not publish it on the board or you may very well be yourself in breach of "The Rules".

Firstly - let them sign up themselves if they are so interested in responding factually to anything others have posted here. :idea:

Secondly - if what you post here is full of total fiction and lies as one request we saw today was, the member posting it could have been sued for defamation by the members he was asked to name. NOT smart. Do NOT fall for that. If someone you did not know asked you to carry a kilo of fine white powder through customs as a "little favour" - would you also do that? :shock:

Thirdly - if you receive any such approaches via any means please forward it immediately to and we will take a look at it.

All members are reminded they post here at all times subject to "The Rules" - clearly clickable atop all pages.

Please take a read of them if you are unsure of the actions to take re any approaches made to you -

This board has seen DOZENS of crooks and shonks selling stamps worldwide on ebay exposed and ran out of town.

MANY have been totally closed down by ebay based on the ammo we have assembled right here. Many others have "seen the light" and stopped selling this junk forever.

Either way both results are a victory for the hobby, and yes, some folks often play VERY dirty when it looks like the Carnival Is Over .. and the Bunny Money Drip-feed is coming to an end. Let ME deal with that. I have broad shoulders and am not readily fazed. And I have a superb lawyer. 8)

Some of these folks are desperate and will say and do ANYTHING to try and survive. :twisted: :twisted:

On the other hand, sellers offering stamps on ebay with accurate and honest descriptions have nothing to fear from this Forum. :idea:

Indeed many of our members are incredibly honest and highly reputable and world respected ebay sellers, and we have a thread for members to add their current auctions for others to see, as you know then you are very likely dealing with someone you can trust:


Glen Stephens
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