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Re: What would you do in this case? - Seller unwilling to se

Posted: 26 Apr 2014 16:08
by Global Administrator
julesjelev wrote:
And, no, I do not come from India. I am white.
Jules actually now that I check, your first post here says you are Bulgarian - see your first post below. Why you stated above you were Indian, is known only to you.

Simply adds to your near total lack of credibility here I'd say. :idea:

Checking your posts here, I see a pattern of whining about complaining to Canada Post and ebay and paypal etc, etc.

I also see you offering to deliberately mail underpaid letters - pretty hypocritical for someone whining about Canada Post, and threatening to sue them for other silly issues. :roll:

Especially when someone mails you something illegally franked, you then howl to the moon about it, and how upset you are! -

JulesJelev that is what is called DOUBLE STANDARDS. Maybe not in Bulgaria, but it is for most of us. You are very happy to agree in writing here to knowingly defraud your own Post Office on a public board, (the one you want to sue) yet whine when others do that to YOU!

I repeat I am DELIGHTED you migrated to Canada and not here, as you are the exact same Jules Jelev outlined in the link here, who was too cheap to pay for a FOI report. After he was sacked after 5 weeks into a book-keeping role.

I stress this link was posted by YOU here on thread above - and is public record. No sleuthing needed other than to read your own posts here, where you posted it and urged all to read that news story.

Why you'd be boasting about getting sacked from a Government agency after 5 weeks. sure beats me. Here, to lose a Government job you near need to Murder several people, in front of 50 witnesses. :mrgreen:

It seems you love tying up folks in knots with your nickel and dime, time wasting nonsense, and all those who have added ebay member julesjelev to their blocked bidder lists are most wise I'd suspect. :idea: :idea:

Please never attempt to sell anything HERE. It will not happen. Members here will be spared from your antics. No-one needs your style of 'following things up' from your posts above, and from the thread you proudly posted here -

On Dec. 8, 2011, Jelev received a reply from the ministry, copied to the senior director for aboriginal operations, noting receipt of the letter.

On Jan. 11, 2012, Jelev wrote to Roberta Campbell at the ministry, asking if he would receive an answer to his questions. He also called her to find out if anything was being done with his concerns, but was told he would likely not receive a response.

Jelev filed a freedom-of-information (FOI) request that month, but was told it would cost him $120 for the work to be done, so he can cancelled it. In February 2012, he called Campbell again for more information on filing an FOI.

In March 2012, Jelev sent his concerns to Kamloops-North Thompson MLA Terry Lake’s office and was told it would provide assistance. Later in the month, Ann Sandbu, MCFD assistant deputy minister for finance and corporate affairs, called Jelup, telling him the ministry could launch an investigation.

The following month, Jelev received a letter from then-MCFD minister Mary McNeil, stating he could not receive answers to his questions “due to confidentiality of information.”

In October 2012, Jelev sent the ministry a copy of the judge’s order in his lawsuit and asked it be used in any investigation.

In November 2012, Jelev received a final letter from Sandbu, telling him ministry staff had been advised of his concerns.

Move on Jules.

You had both the seller AND your credit company that you hounded pay you back money.

I guess you wasted at least 10 hours on this madness.

If you go and flip burgers or deliver Pizzas you would have made 10 times what you were whining about.

Move on.

Re: What would you do in this case? - Seller unwilling to se

Posted: 26 Apr 2014 16:10
by revenuecollector
jjarmstrong47 wrote:Perhaps the best advice to come from all this is to look to Delcampe instead.
Good advice, but unfortunately depending on what you collect, Delcampe may not actually be a viable option.

For what I primarily collect, 19th-century U.S. revenues, Delcampe is abominable. Virtually everything is either misidentified, fake, heavily damaged, or overpriced.

For me, at least:

eBay > > > Bidstart > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Delcampe

Re: What would you do in this case? - Seller unwilling to se

Posted: 26 Apr 2014 16:14
by jjarmstrong47
I admit that I find more on eBay but Delcampe doesn't seem to have the same problems with greed.

Glen, on the link you posted where julesjelev was complaining of a seller using two halves of used stamps, butted together, it was you who suggested that he should leave negative feedback.

Re: What would you do in this case? - Seller unwilling to se

Posted: 26 Apr 2014 16:33
by Global Administrator
jjarmstrong47 wrote:
Glen, on the link you posted where julesjelev was complaining of a seller using two halves of used stamps, butted together, it was you who suggested that he should leave negative feedback.
So? I'd do that in a heartbeat. So would most buyers if I was charged $5 postage to get illegal franking like that. THAT is what the feedback system is actually FOR. :idea: :idea:

To warn other ebayers of the crooks and con-men out there.

Jules Jelev had been waffling on about suing Canada Post here, starting entire threads on that, and yet was happy to post he'd deliberately mail underpaid letters from Canada.

That is called HYPOCRISY.

You work at a PO John. You have posted you are personally VIGILANT about taxing and collecting underpaid mail, as if you do not, in your own words, even less PO employees will have a job if this is widespread. Correct?

I'd do that too if I worked at a PO as you do. :idea:

Would YOU deliberately mail letter overseas grossly underpaid as some kind of giggly juvenile joke? Of course you wouldn't, and neither would I. :evil:

These time wasting pests like Jules Jelev want to sue the PO for every minor issue, to try and extract and extort 'nuisance payments' off them, yet urge others to use New Zealand stamps on mail from other countries to cheat the system, and think that is a huge joke.

Re: What would you do in this case? - Seller unwilling to se

Posted: 26 Apr 2014 16:45
by julesjelev

I could not thoroughly read through all your posts above, but I can tell you one thing.

I feel that in a face to face conversation you are a great person.

Just take a deep breath and admit when you are wrong. There is no need to continue to attack, defend, expose or whatever....

We are supposed to be friends and respect each other for what we are.

And I promise to keep a low profile and keep out of trouble for as long as I am treated with due respect.

Again I think we can shut this one off, to the benefit of all of us.

P.S. I just read about the references you made about my court case. The case is a good example of how one can lose despite support from all "friends" when picking the wrong fight. The person I sued lost, and is now dismissed. Gone...She thought she was smart....

Oh, the underpaid letter thread. I never participated in it. Nobody wanted me to mail them letters, but other people did participate. Do you call them all cheaters? People defrauding their post services? Then go and post this opinion of yours in the thread. Ban the thread..It is your forum right? It has been going on with your knowledge, so you are complicit.....You see where things are going.

Glen, why not post some of my positive contributions. Two chain letters started, one already received, exchanges with forum members...Does anyone have any problems with me that way? Anyone cheated? Where is the Canada Post case you are referring to? Or maybe you will be happy receiving all your registered mail defaced and keep quiet?

Give it up Glen. Let's be friends.

Re: What would you do in this case? - Seller unwilling to se

Posted: 27 Apr 2014 00:26
by Norbert Jenkins
What an interesting thread this has been. It was certainly useful to learn of another way in which eBay injects itself into some transactions, not always to the benefit of buyer or seller. For that, i do thank the original poster.

I do understand why many have reacted so strongly to the feedback, etc that Julesjelev left. In retail I believe that 99% of the time, hassle and overhead goes to the 1% of customers who don't see things (rightly or wrongly) like the previous 99 people in line. If a retailer could find a way to never have to deal with that 1%, life would be so much easier and indeed more profitable for them.

If someone could invent a way of implementing Glens suggestion of the equivalent of a Do Not Fly list for 'problem' customers they would probably end up being the richest person who ever lived.

Perhaps the initial list could be formed of people who like to enbiggen themselves by alluding to bringing lawsuits for every small perceived slight. Surely one of the internationally recognised ways of making people think 'that guy ain't right'.

Anyway, back to the stamps for me. Hopefully nobody decides to give me bad feedback, sue me, send me half of some other countries stamp on cover or offer to befriend me as a result of my post - I mean no harm!

Happy stamping!

Re: What would you do in this case? - Seller unwilling to se

Posted: 27 Apr 2014 00:59
by julesjelev
This is my last post here. Sorry for being off topic for so long.... :D

Re: What would you do in this case? - Seller unwilling to sell

Posted: 04 Jul 2020 21:55
by HalfpennyYellow
I found myself in a remarkably similar situation to julesjelev and I understand his frustration.

I saw an eBay lot which I was interested in buying, but the seller was using the Global Shipping Programme. The lot was low-value and it wasn't worth paying the GSP delivery charges, so I contacted the seller before I bid and asked if they were able to use an alternative method of postage.

The seller replied that they can send the item using regular untracked airmail, so I bid on the item and won it. I then requested an invoice with the revised postage cost as agreed (ie. not using GSP), but apparently eBay does not allow the seller to do this when the lot in question is supposed to be sent through the GSP.

I had been aware of the GSP prior to this purchase, but I had never used it and I was unaware of how it worked exactly. After the seller told me that they were unable to send the invoice, I searched around and found this thread. The seller then told me that it's best to cancel the order, and I agreed to this they cancelled everything (I had not paid anything yet so no refunds were necessary).

I asked the seller if it was possible to relist the item without using the GSP so that I can repurchase it, but I believe that the seller thinks that it is not possible to send mail internationally without using this service. The particular lot that I wanted has indeed been relisted - still using the GSP.

Needless to say, I won't be bidding on it or on any other stamp lots which use this service. Lesson learnt - it's not worth it to negotiate on items which are to be sent by GSP. :!:

Re: What would you do in this case? - Seller unwilling to sell

Posted: 05 Jul 2020 01:44
by DarrenK
I had some stamps exactly as described by Halfpenny Yellow.

I contacted the seller in the US before bidding. The stamps were US$9. I requested an invoice which didn't arrive. I requested one again. No response. Then I get an email saying "Please pay for the stamps so that I can ship them" with an invoice attached for US$14 in freight.

So I email back and remind the seller of our agreement before the bid was placed. He was confused. I explained how eBay con people into believing they need to use this service and how many customers that will be lost if they continue to use it. He was able to re invoice at the agreed rate and I immediately paid the invoice. Stamps are on their way. I told him he needs to search for a tick box to UNTICK it and that eBay now tick it for you by default. He went and found it but said he had no idea of the effects of that tick.

I've just read this entire post as well. DON'T pay until things are right as eBay don't give a stuff about you. They are making money from this scam. I email sellers to tell them that $20 to send a stamp to Australia isn't going to win them customers. Some respond favorable, others don't care. So be it. Plenty of items available and plenty of sellers willing to work with you.

Re: What would you do in this case? - Seller unwilling to sell

Posted: 05 Jul 2020 05:34
by parkgateman
Hello , I have been selling a few items on Ebay / feebay . I am not a business , just a collector so Ebay class me as a Private seller . When I list the first lot all is ok , but the next listing and all subsequent listings Ebay have the box ticked for Global Shipping , which I now realise I must untick and then do a list of postal charges for each continent. I can only untick this box if there are no bids otherwise Ebay take over at the end and have a warning note that they are doing the shipping and I get directed to post the winning lot to a Hub here in the UK . A few buyers have happily paid this fee which I never see and also I never see the winners address details . A few buyers have not paid because of this Global Shipping Charge and so ive cancelled the lot . Others have asked for a standard postal charge so as long as there is no bid I have revised the lot and unticked the box . Now I have started unticking the box every time I list and give a postal charge for each continent . The only good thing for me is that once the lot arrives at the Ebay hub I am covered if it then never arrives at its destination , whereas Ebay / Paypal refunds the buyer and I am out of pocket . .