1938 GB-Aust *CALPURNIA* Crash Cover in Iraq, with PO letter

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1938 GB-Aust *CALPURNIA* Crash Cover in Iraq, with PO letter

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1938 GB-Aust *CALPURNIA* Crash Cover in Iraq, with PO letter & outer
The most famous crash associated with Australian airmails.

Empire flying boats left the UK with commercial mails for Alexandria Egypt, where Australian and New Zealand mail was loaded on the Empire flying boat "Calpurnia" G-AETW.

The flight from Alexandria was to Tiberias on the Sea of Galilee, and from there to Lake Habbaniyah near Baghdad, Iraq.

On November 27 1938, in the dark, and during a sandstorm, the "Calpurnia" crashed in Lake Ramadi (12 miles from Lake Habbaniyah) killing the four flight crew: Pilot Captain Attwood, First Officer Spottiswood, Radio Operator Bayne-Rees and Flight Clerk Ubee.

The RAF retrieved a large part of the mail from the water. An attempt was made to dry the mail before it was sent to Sydney. The New Zealand mail was sent on to Auckland where it was dried further.

This cover was clearly sodden. The stamp has washed off, and the pen writing from letter inside has bled into the envelope paper. All flaps ungummed which is lucky, as it now can be opened out flat as shown - on a Hagner or album page.

Best of all - the original PO letter has been retained, and even the outer OHMS cover that both arrived in - in great condition for 73 years old. The latter and outer both have DIFFERENT pink "Dead Letter Office Sydney" handstamps - one with date in 3 lines, the other in 1 line.

Only a few sets of PO letter and outer cover have survived as recipients had no idea to keep them. Remember all mail was COMMERCIAL mail not philatelic, so the public at large did not even retain the crash covers, much less the covering letter and outer cover!

Eustis 834 "From $125" - and with the PMG letter and original outer cover, a snip at $A150.

$A150, plus shipping $4 globally


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Re: 1938 Aust-GB *CALPURNIA* Crash Cover in Iraq, with PO le

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