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What a great combo pair!

ANYTHING postally used from Thursday Island is very collectible, and always has been and even bog standard covers get good prices from there.

It is the most Northern city in Australia and it very difficult to get to. I flew there once (to Horn Island airport) from Bamaga, the most northerly city on the mainland, and it cost far more than an decent overseas flight. :D

It is located more in PNG than Australia really –
And mail to the lottery company TATTERSALLS (“GEO ADAMS”) is as commercial as can be imagined, and also highly collected.

These were folks mailing in Money Orders or cheques to pay for paper tickets, in the next Tattersalls lottery/sweepstakes.

One of the envelopes has a BHP Newcastle crest on flap … what on earth that was doing up in Thursday Island is anyone’s guess!

And the 2 x 4d stamps cover has the sender address typed as Wollongong NSW – 3500 kms away - literally - see map above!

The April 1957 cover has 7d franking - postage was only 4d but back then there was a 3d airmail fee. To the uneducated eye this odd combo of 5 stamps would appear to be philatelic use. But from BHP to Tatts has to be 105% commercial.

The other cover is franked 8d but is also correct rate, as postage had just increased to 5d so with the 3d airmail fee surcharge, was paid to the correct 8d rate.

Two great correct useage covers from an exotic origin Post Office, both mailed from NSW senders (!!!)both with “PAQUEBOT” (“Posted At Sea”) handsamps, and better still both with DIFFERENT Paquebot font handstamps – these are all keenly collected.

$A70 the pair + $1 global post


NOTE: - All parcels leaving me for members have valuable CTO cancelled GEMS as part of the franking!

Remember, adding another lot of mine (posted by eitherAdmin or GlenStephens or Global Administrator, or ozstamps) -here (or on my website) for sale in general adds ZERO to your shipping cost, so have a good look at what is on offer here in case something else appeals:


All payment details are on - https://www.glenstephens.com/payment.html

Call it - "Thursday Is – Stock 925TK " - please order via SECURE site:


For overseas members, to find out the approx cost in YOUR currency, click here - https://www.xe.com

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - don't like it - mail it back within 48 hours of receiving it. No-one ever has yet. :)

And "lay-by/layaway" is always possible - email me with any queries to glen [at] glenstephens.com - OR "trade-ins" always possible! If you have a pile of surplus stuff, I may well be happy to offset that against this item - see


As most know - I do NO fairs or shows, have NO shop, and do NOT bother with ebay or other auctions. I buy endless bulk lots from Estates, and distress sales etc, in this massive city of 6 million with no other real stamp buyers, and offer it here at NETT prices for fast turnover. NO "20% Buyer Fees" to add to my prices, as in auction!

And many similar mouth-watering NETT price offers are being loaded weekly onto -

https://www.glenstephens.com/rarity.html and


All stampboard lots $A200 and under are mailed Unregistered.

If Reg'd is required, STATE that on order form - cost is extra $A4 local, and minimum $A13 extra foreign. Only YOU know if your street address is secure - a large packet covered in pretty stamps left outside, just might tempt passers-by? PO Boxes are far safer.

'All risk' Insurance is always possible if required, at $A2 per $100 covered - again it must be specified on order form.

As per stampboard convention - this lot is offered exclusively first to board members - and on no other sales venue.

For members who make a BANK TRANSFER payment you WILL generally get your goods faster, as it saves me some hassle - but you MUST email me the confirmation number etc - many "forget"! :)

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