WHOLE WORLD 2018/19 Scott Stamp Cat (12 vols) just A$495

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WHOLE WORLD 2018/19 Scott Stamp Cat (12 vols) just A$495

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Volume 1A and 1B - US, UN + countries A to B (Vol 1A is 2019!)
This most popular volume includes Australia!

Volume 2A and 2B - countries C to F (including Canada)

Volume 3A and 3B - countries G to I (BOTH mine are actually 2019 Edition!)

Volume 4A and 4B - countries J to M

Volume 5A and 5B - countries N to Sam

Volume 6A and 6B - countries San to Z

WHOLE WORLD 2018/19 Scott Stamp Catalogue (12 volumes) just A$495

2018/19 Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue set 12

These superb 12 volumes cover the entire world of stamps since 1840 in semi-specialised detail - in fact, far more detailed information than the excellent Stanley Gibbons Stamps of the World catalogues.

Unlike SG, Scott includes variations of perforation and watermark, as well as major errors in its equivalent Standard edition.

Cost to me A$1,100 plus many $100s in freight just a year or so ago.

The 12 volume set actually cost me A$1,085 PLUS super costly freight ex USA! (US$134.99 each before shipping = US$809.94)!

Cost to you way under HALF that A$495 $A40 a book. :D

The first Scott catalogue debuted in 1868. For its 150th anniversary celebration in 2018, each volume of the worldwide Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue was divided into two-book sets and this has continued in the years to come.

The result is that each book is noticeably lighter and easier to use. The Scott catalogues are one of THE most trusted resources used by stamp collectors and dealers alike to identify and value their stamps.

The hundreds of new listings, thousands of value changes, and numerous editorial additions and enhancements in each 2018/2019 volume allow you to stay on the cutting edge of the stamp market.

Plus of course, everything is priced in US dollars - and IF you buy or sell on eBay, or deal with other American buyers or sellers, you really NEED to have this essential reference so that you and your vendor or buyer can be sure you are speaking the same language!

Why so cheap?

Every year or so, I buy the complete set of Scott catalogues so that I remain up-to-date with US pricing trends for the whole world of stamps. And when I get the new year's edition, I sell off the current one at a hefty discount off the retail price I paid.

So now, I am ready to sell my 2018/19 complete set of 12 Scott world stamp catalogue at way under HALF of the price they recently cost me! Seriously. $A40 a book.

They are pretty much in 'as new' condition as I seldom use them, but I do need to own a set. There are no pen marks or notes, and the spine binding is strong as it was when it was originally printed and bound.

So the lucky new owner of my 2018/19 Scotts is getting a real bargain!

Indeed for some books I bought the 2109 Edition, including the best seller Vol #1 - which has USA and area, and Australia and States etc - the stock photos above do not show the 2019 ones you get, which is shown below.

Scott Cat 2019 Volume 1A.jpg

$A495 plus Post

Call it - "Scott Cats : Stock 792LQ" - please order via new HTTPS encrypted SECURE site - https://tinyurl.com/GlensOrder And please do that NOW. Too many think “I’ll do that later” and then quickly “forget”. I then often lose the stamps in the rubble here, and waste an annoying hour finding them again. :twisted:

All payment details etc are on: https://tinyurl.com/GlenPay - NICE VFU franking is used whenever possible, when I mail (depending on how busy PO counter is!) and I ALWAYS use stamps of some kind locally : see member pix of some of that franking here - https://tinyurl.com/GlenCTO COMBINED POSTAGE is fine - save big money when buying more than 1 lot at once! For overseas members, to find out the approx goods cost in YOUR currency, click here - https://www.xe.com - the $A has CRASHED lately, and for USA buyers etc, my prices are REALLY cheap in your money! MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - don't like it - mail it back within 48 hours of receiving it. No-one ever has yet. :)

Remember, adding another lot of mine (posted by either Admin, GlenStephens or Global Administrator or ozstamps) here (or on my website https://glenstephens.com/rarity.html ) for sale in general adds ZERO to your shipping cost, so have a good look at what is on offer on the pages here, in case something else appeals.

And "lay-by/layaway" is always possible - email me with any queries to ozstamps at g mail dot com - OR "trade-ins" always possible! If you have a pile of surplus stuff, I may well be happy to offset that against this item, see: https://tinyurl.com/GlenBuy

As most know - I do NO fairs or shows, have NO shop, and do NOT bother with ebay or any other auctions. I buy endless bulk lots from Estates, and distress sales etc, in this massive city of 6 million, with no other real stamp buyers here, and offer it here at *NETT* prices for fast turnover. NO "20%-25% Buyer Fees" and “3% credit card fees” to add to my *NETT* prices, as in auction! ZERO extra charged to use any cards - and Amex is accepted too.

Many similar mouth-watering NETT price offers are being loaded weekly onto - https://tinyurl.com/GlenRare and https://tinyurl.com/StampDeals Unless noted by me, all stampboards lots priced *$A100 and under* are generally mailed Unregistered and untracked at *YOUR* total risk, unless YOU specifically note otherwise on order form. 1,000s of my transactions here for 15 years have been delivered safely by normal post. :idea:

Orders over $100 are ALWAYS sent Registered (but Max PO cover is for $A100 only sadly) - cost is extra $A4 local. Request this on order form if you require it, under $A100. Letter size FOREIGN sendings gobally are usually only $4 untracked. Smallish large packet items FOREIGN up to 500g/1lb are normally sent in pre-paid Registered envelopes cost $17 total, dodging you inward VAT/GST Taxes/Fees!

Only *YOU* know if your street or Apartment address is secure - a packet covered in pretty stamps left outside, just might tempt passers-by? Only *YOU* know that, I do not. Mail contractors these days are often lazy, and leave packets or large letters on top of mailboxes etc in view of public, and/or out in wet weather etc. PO Boxes, or mailed to your work address etc, are FAR safer, if you are not home during day. If un-registered mail goes missing - sorry, your issue entirely. :idea:

"All Risk" Insurance is always possible if required as well, and is cheap at $A2 per $A100 covered locally, or $3 per $A100 overseas - and all buyers are strongly advised to use this, and I generally will add it automatically, unless asked not to. Full detail on all of this - https://tinyurl.com/Glen2-15 It is like Travel Insurance - decline that when booking your ticket, and THEN tell Qantas you really meant to take it out 3 weeks back, and ‘you now need to cancel your ticket, with no nasty penalty please’, and see how you get on with THAT one! :lol: :lol:

As per stampboard convention - this lot is offered exclusively first to board members - and on no other sales venue. For members who make a BANK TRANSFER or Money Order etc, you WILL generally get your goods faster, as it saves me some hassle - but you MUST email me the confirmation number etc - many "forget"!

£ ½ ¼ ¢ € ¥ ¾
Click HERE to see superb, RARE and unusual stamps, at FIXED low nett prices, high rez photos, and NO buyer fees etc!

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