George V stamps of India

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George V stamps of India

Post by tonyowen »

I have a number of George V stamps of India. Some have a centred single star, some have a off-centred single star [but no indication of any nearby star or portion thereof], some have multiple stars; but the remainder have no indication of any stars at all.

I've been informed that "Some of the Br. India 1911-22 GV de la Rue issue definitives do not show watermark, because of the spacing between two stars."

I assume that the plate size is 240 stamps [12x20]

Similarly I gather there are 256 large stars or 964 multipl stars per plate

However, if the above is correct, how are these stamps identified since some 'identical' stamps are listed with single and multiple stars - dependant on date of issue.

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Re: George V stamps of India

Post by gavin-h »


This thread really has so many issues that I'm going to lock it.

Please have a read of the following, then restart taking these into account:

Firstly, the heading needs to reflect the topic "George V Stamps of India" doesn't give any clue what the question is. In fact, it doesn't give a clue that it's even a question! Please think about what you want to know, I think it's to do with watermarks, but even that isn't really clear. Oh, and to keep Glen happy, please add a "?" to the question.

Secondly, for good reasons we ask for images to be included with any new thread. That helps to address which stamps we're talking about (and adding details of specific catalogue numbers etc helps even more).

Saying "some" have this, "some" have that and "some" might not have either isn't really useful in researching these things. Is there a correlation between which values have which, or is it simply to do with how the paper was centred in the printing process? If you want help with your research, it's useful to meet people part-way when they're giving up their time to help.

It looks as though there's a potentially very interesting piece of work here, good luck with your research. I know there are some very enthusiastic and knowledgeable collectors of Indian stamps here on Stampboards, hopefully they'll be able to contribute to the new thread. :idea:


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