New book Internal Mail Routes of Nigeria 1900-1960 Volume 1

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New book Internal Mail Routes of Nigeria 1900-1960 Volume 1

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Internal Mail Routes of Nigeria 1900-1960
Volume 1: by Water, Rail and Air.
by Robert May FRPSL

Front Cover - Mail Routes of Nigeria 1900-1960.jpg
This detailed study of the movement of mails within Nigeria has mainly been researched from primary sources; the official publications of the Nigeria Colonial government, its departmental annual reports and the weekly Nigeria Gazettes. Illustrations have been derived from the Robert Nelson TPO collection (since sold), the author’s collection and those of other members of the West Africa Study Circle, with acknowledgments.

The period of this study starts with the foundation of the Protectorates of Northern and Southern Nigeria and ends at Nigerian independence. The British Government appointed colonial governors whose responsibilities included social, economic and political development and it was vital to improve internal mails and telecommunications for those purposes. The Posts and Telegraphs Department controlled both, working alongside trading companies and appointing postal agents.

Mail routes along the coast and using the rivers are particularly complex but the author has found maps and timetables from various published sources that help to clarify those routes and their use until quicker services became available using railways, aircraft and roads.

Each chapter is referenced and there is both a topical index and an index of places in Nigeria that have been named in the book. The author intends to address the difficult topic of Nigerian mail distribution by roads and tracks during the same period in a future volume 2.

Published by the Stuart Rossiter Trust in A4 hardback, full colour, 347 pages. Price £25 post free within the UK.

Order through the Rossiter Trust website
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