Market value

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Stampboards one post *NEWBIE*!
Stampboards one post *NEWBIE*!
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Market value

Post by northsidekid »

I would like to sell the stamps on this {my} website,
and MANY more, but I don't know at what percent
below a up-to-date catalog price I should sell them
for, i.e., if the maket value of a stamp is shown to be
worth $1.thousand dollars; and I had it, at what about
price should I be asking for it if I choose to sell it,
is there a guide or formula on how much I should be selling
my stamps for? - thanks, John; Cleveland Ohio
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I was online for Post Number 4 MILLION!
I was online for Post Number 4 MILLION!
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Re: Market value

Post by Brummie »

Welcome John and as you are a very new member to stampboards I would suggest you read your welcome email and make your first post in "Roll Call" and read all the Rules to help you with further posts.

I will lock this post now and I look forward to seeing you on the forum soon.


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