NZ very Juicy old M+U Coll to 1970 in musty old ’Warwick’ album $A199

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I was online for Post Number 4 MILLION!
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NZ very Juicy old M+U Coll to 1970 in musty old ’Warwick’ album $A199

Post by GlenStephens »

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richards 7-24 - NZ very Juicy old M+U Collection to 1970 in old ’Warwick’ album - $A199 - Bought today in an estate in a musty old ‘Warwick’ Swing-O-Ring’ red album. Huge catalogue value here, with good Definitive sets from all eras, and mini sheets, and Officials, early ‘Healths’, and ‘Arms’, better 'Lighthouses' etc. Untouched for 50 years. Oddly, the owner had originally re-used older pages when mounting these, making it appear scrappy, so a good re-house would do wonders. Condition varies here and there, but much of the key material is very fine.

Only a few pages shown above here - 100s of stamps inside. Lots of high retail items and sets here – the 1935 Definitives mint are cat £170=$A340 alone, the 1940 'Centennial' mint are £75=$A150, and the 1960 Definitives are cat £60=$A120, and very high cat KGVI Officials SG many $100s there alone, and ‘Arms’ pre-decimal issues POSTALLY used etc, etc. Superbly priced nucleus for someone adding this as a collected country to build upon, and to rehouse more neatly Retail is MANY times my asking price - $US130 - $A199 – Stock 613BK

$A199 plus Global Post

Call it - "NZ Coll : Stock 613BK " - please order via new HTTPS encrypted SECURE site - And please do that NOW. Too many think “I’ll do that later” and then quickly “forget”. I then often lose the stamps in the rubble here, and waste an annoying hour finding them again. :twisted:


All payment details etc are on: - NICE VFU franking is always used, and I ALWAYS use stamps of some kind locally : see member pix of some of that franking here - COMBINED POSTAGE is fine - save big money when buying more than 1 lot at once! For overseas members, to find out the approx goods cost in YOUR currency, click here - - the $A has CRASHED lately, and for USA buyers etc, my prices are REALLY cheap in your money - lowest for years! MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - don't like it - mail it back within 48 hours of receiving it. No-one ever has yet. :)

Remember, adding another lot of mine (posted by either Admin, GlenStephens or Global Admin or ozstamps) here (or on my RARITY website ) for sale, in general adds ZERO to your shipping cost, so have a good look at what is on offer on the pages here, in case something else appeals. And "lay-by/layaway" is always possible - email me with any queries to ozstamps [at] outlook dot com - OR "trade-ins" always possible! If you have a pile of surplus stuff, I may well be happy to offset that against this item, see:

As most know - I do NO fairs or shows, have NO shop, and do NOT bother with eBay or any other auctions. I buy endless bulk lots from Estates, and distress sales etc, in this massive city of 6 million, with no other real stamp buyers here, and offer it here at *NETT* prices for fast turnover. NO "20%-25% Buyer Fees" and “3% credit card fees” to add to my *NETT* prices, as in auction! ZERO extra charged to use any cards - or PayPal in ANY currency. Many similar mouth-watering NETT price offers are being loaded weekly onto - and

Orders over $75 are ALWAYS sent Registered (but Max PO cover is for $A100 only sadly) - cost is extra $A4 local. Request this on order form IF you require it, under $A100. Letter size FOREIGN sendings globally are usually only about $4 untracked. Smallish, large packet items *FOREIGN* up to 500g/1lb are normally sent in stout card pre-paid *EXPRESS* or Registered Envelopes, cost $A20 generally, near always dodging you inward VAT/GST Taxes/Fees! 😊

"All Risk" Insurance is always possible if required as well, and is cheap and prudent at $A2 per $A100 covered locally, or $3 per $A100 overseas - and all buyers are strongly advised to use this, and I generally will add it automatically, unless asked not to. Full detail on all of this - - Phone me anytime with any queries on these stamps: 0409 - 399 - 888
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