List here your country's circulating currency by value

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Re: List here your country's circulating currency by value

Post by ViccyVFU »

Princestamps wrote: 25 Apr 2022 18:21 The 20 pound is the note used most there?

Yes, by quite a way ...


You might have thought that "cash" was on its way out (after the pandemic), but it appears people are hoarding it, and cashpoint machines have never been so busy (They issue predominantly £20 notes, then £10 notes).

What is harder to come by nowadays, is "change for a £20 note" (from most of the places well known for still taking them). Shops prefer to take cards "for even the most trivial transactions", but street markets and car boot sales are still very much "a cash affair".

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Re: List here your country's circulating currency by value

Post by erich »

The $100 is the highest value note currently issued in USA.

There were, at one time, $500, $1000, $5000, and $10000 notes, but none of those have been printed since 1945 (dated 1928 or 1934) and they are worth considerably more than FV (although still legal tender). Info and pics here:

As a side note, the 50c and $1 coins, and the $2 note are almost never seen in actual circulation. People here just don't like them. Every so often, someone gets the notion that significant use of $1 coins would save the government money, since they last a lot longer than $1 notes, but to get people to use them, they'd have to stop printing the $1 note, and there would be a huge outcry from the public. The fact that Canada and the UK both managed to do this doesn't seem to matter.

Machaggis52 wrote: 30 Nov 2012 09:06
jugoslavija_post wrote:I really did not know how to word this one. You can add pictures if you want.

In the USA, we use the:

-1 cent (penny)
-5 cent (nickel)
-10 cent (dime)
-25 cent (quarter)
-50 cent (half-dollar)
-$1 coin

-$1 bill (single, buck)
-$2 bill
-$5 bill
-$10 bill
-$20 bill
-$50 bill
-$100 bill
Is $100.00 the biggest issued note in the US now? GB has a £100.00 note. There is also a €500.00 note, which cannot be sold in the UK.
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