Aust 1964 7/6d Capt Cook ½ Sheet of 40 MUH - Cost $2,720, for $A400!

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Aust 1964 7/6d Capt Cook ½ Sheet of 40 MUH - Cost $2,720, for $A400!

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Rex and fair page ad 1980.jpg

Aust 1964 7/6d Captain Cook Half Sheet of 40 MUH - Cost $2,720 – for $A400. This was a FORTUNE back then in money of the time, at new issue price. The face value is 304/- or £15/2/0d or 3,600 pence. 'Not much' you are thinking? Well it was 58 years ago, and was a week’s wages. 5d was the letter rate, so this 3,600d bought 720 of the then 5d first class letter rate stamps. Today the first class letter rate here is $1.50. 720 x $1.50 is $A1,080. That is the relative value of what these cost to buy at a PO - $A1,080.

Would you spend $1,080 on ANY new set today? A week’s gross wages. This came from an Estate where the owner had bought them in 1980 in the ‘Stamp Boom’. And paid $68 each or $2,720 – he had the original dealer invoice, and had kept a copy of their page ASM ad, shown nearby. This WAS discount retail then (Rex and Fair were always the cheaper dealer in the magazines) - trust me, I was an active dealer at this time. As you can see he could have bought TEN x £2 Roos in the scarce Multiple Watermark - retail today $12,000. And some folks wonder WHY I push buying high value Roos. :D

Ask yourself - if AP issued a new $25 Definitive issue would YOU buy a half sheet 40 at over $1,000? Of course not. This has ALWAYS been a highly sought stamp - issued late 1964, it was replaced in about a year by the 75c DECIMAL Navigator of the same design, and only 300,00 were sold of these - a tiny number then. A perfect size to store on a Hagner sheet, or stockbook page.

All well centred MUH - very trivial blemishes on gum of a few stamps mentioned for total accuracy (remember used are cat at 30% MORE than mint!) SG 357. Captain Cook is a globally popular topical and these will always be sought. I can GUARANTEE you this - if you phoned EVERY dealer in Australia - from Max Stern and Richard Juzwin down, and asked for a half sheet of these, none could assist you at ANY price! A TENNER apiece - a beer cost me that at a bar last night. Estate super buy. This is just $US275 right now. $A400 - Stock 572JL

$A400 plus Global Post

Call it - "Cook Half Sheet : Stock 572JL " - please order via new HTTPS encrypted SECURE site - And please do that NOW. Too many think “I’ll do that later” and then quickly “forget”. I then often lose the stamps in the rubble here, and waste an annoying hour finding them again. :twisted:


All payment details etc are on: - NICE VFU franking is used whenever possible, when I mail (depending on how busy PO counter is!) and I ALWAYS use stamps of some kind locally : see member pix of some of that franking here - COMBINED POSTAGE is fine - save big money when buying more than 1 lot at once! For overseas members, to find out the approx goods cost in YOUR currency, click here - - the $A has CRASHED lately, and for USA buyers etc, my prices are REALLY cheap in your money - lowest for years! MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - don't like it - mail it back within 48 hours of receiving it. No-one ever has yet. :)

Remember, adding another lot of mine (posted by either Admin, GlenStephens or Global Administrator or ozstamps) here (or on my website ) for sale, in general adds ZERO to your shipping cost, so have a good look at what is on offer on the pages here, in case something else appeals. And "lay-by/layaway" is always possible - email me with any queries to ozstamps [at] g mail dot com - OR "trade-ins" always possible! If you have a pile of surplus stuff, I may well be happy to offset that against this item, see:

As most know - I do NO fairs or shows, have NO shop, and do NOT bother with ebay or any other auctions. I buy endless bulk lots from Estates, and distress sales etc, in this massive city of 6 million, with no other real stamp buyers here, and offer it here at *NETT* prices for fast turnover. NO "20%-25% Buyer Fees" and “3% credit card fees” to add to my *NETT* prices, as in auction! ZERO extra charged to use any cards - and Amex is accepted too or PayPal in ANY currency. .

Many similar mouth-watering NETT price offers are being loaded weekly onto - and Unless noted by me, all stampboards lots priced *$A100 and under* are generally mailed Unregistered and untracked at *YOUR* total risk, unless YOU specifically note otherwise on order form. 1,000s of my transactions here for 15 years have been delivered safely by normal post. :idea:

Orders over $100 are ALWAYS sent Registered (but Max PO cover is for $A100 only sadly) - cost is extra $A4 local. Request this on order form IF you require it, under $A100. Letter size FOREIGN sendings globally are usually only $4 untracked. Smallish, large packet items FOREIGN up to 500g/1lb are normally sent in pre-paid *EXPRESS* envelopes cost $17 total, near always dodging you inward VAT/GST Taxes/Fees!

"All Risk" Insurance is always possible if required as well, and is cheap at $A2 per $A100 covered locally, or $3 per $A100 overseas - and all buyers are strongly advised to use this, and I generally will add it automatically, unless asked not to. Full detail on all of this - It is like Travel Insurance - decline that when booking your ticket, and THEN tell Qantas you really meant to take it out 3 weeks back, and ‘you now need to cancel your ticket, with no nasty penalty please’, and see how you get on with THAT one! :lol: :lol:

As per stampboard convention - this lot is offered exclusively first to board members - and on no other sales venue. For members who make a BANK TRANSFER or send cheque or Money Order etc, you WILL generally get your goods faster, as it saves me some hassle - but you MUST email me the confirmation number etc - many "forget"! Phone me anytime with any queries on these stamps – 0409- 399 - 888

£ ½ ¼ ¢ € ¥ ¾
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