Value of Chinese Banknotes? 1930s-1940s & 1980s

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Value of Chinese Banknotes? 1930s-1940s & 1980s

Post by Phila-Tourist »

Can anyone help me establish an estimated value of a few Chinese banknotes please? Most are from the 1930s and 1940s; their condition ranges from extra fine to fine in standard banknote grading terminology. I also possess four uncirculated low-denomination banknotes from the 1980s: two renminbi notes and two Foreign Exchange Certificate.

Most banknotes have Latin script on the reverse side, so this is the one I am showing, hoping that it will facilitate identification.

What are these notes worth on the numismatic market? A few pennies each, a few dollars, or more?
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Re: Value of Chinese Banknotes? 1930s-1940s & 1980s

Post by jimjo »

Prices vary from $10 to $50. For example, the second one, Bank of China, 1 yuan, 1935, was sold for $30.

China 10 yuan series F 1940 costs about $7.5. There are no fixed prices, so it's best to take it upon yourself and sell at auction, this is the best way, I believe.
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