New stampboards Milestone of 9 MILLION Posts just reached

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New stampboards Milestone of 9 MILLION Posts just reached

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Well done Stampboarders
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Re: New Milestone of 9 Million Posts reached

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Well spotted ... ever onward to TEN million posts. :)

And way over a MILLION images securely hosted here forever of course.

We are truly the Wikipedia of stamp collecting. ANYTHING related to the hobby is covered here.

Thanks to our over 25,000 members, for their ongoing support. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

A new major upgrade is happening quietly behind the scenes now, all done by Yuriy in New York.

DO PayPal him a 'pizza and a beer' in any currency, to keep him moving this along! -

It is a totally FREE board, WITHOUT annoying intrusive ads that EVERY other board has, as I hate them, and I resist all attempts to have them added, and without Yuriy's ongoing tech assistance, it would have vanished 15 years back. Everyone reading this has received FAR more benefit here than a Pizza costs. Agree? :mrgreen:

'There Is No Such Thing In life As A Free Lunch' of course, although the thread above clearly proves most members here, very sadly feel there is. Add YOUR support to it today, and show your Community spirit. :!: :!:

I gladly pay the MANY $1000s of hosting costs each year for the board and the million images, and in turn hopefully generous members can keep Yuriy in Pizzas, via 'Crowd Funding' to cover the tech side, and endless tech and faults, and update issues, that I have zero idea about. :)

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