Want to buy postcard - Greetings from NOOSA HEADS / GRANITE BAY

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Want to buy postcard - Greetings from NOOSA HEADS / GRANITE BAY

Post by Hank_P »

Hi again,

I'm looking for a specific postcard from Australia (blurry image attached - I don't have a better image).
Probably 70s', with perforated style border.
States "Greetings from NOOSA HEADS" / "GRANITE BAY".
Could be from Bernard Kuskopf, Qld postcards.
Any help appreciated :-)

I want to say I'm sorry regarding my previous attempt to post on the forum. I started to write the title, and after a single word I switched to the post content with the intent to complete the title later. Which I didn't do, therefore not complying with Rule #10 and making me an outlaw against my own will.
I attempted to correct the topic subject later, but the one hour limit was already reached and could not do so, resulting in "Complete waste of space " / "world's laziest, 1 word heading boggles the mind."

As the post was locked, I sent an email to the Admin, explaining that I was sorry for the inconvenience.

- I'd like to request that the Admin / Moderators kindly delete my previous post.

- And if there are problems with the present attempt, Admin / Moderators are welcome to delete it as well as my other posts, and delete my account.

I hope your are benevolent with newcomers afterall.
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